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Tips For Turning Those Dud Gifts Into Treats You Really Want

Posted by Stan Dorak on

Let’s face it; while we all love the holidays, more often than not, they bring with them a deluge of the most random, unthinkable, and downright bizarre gifts from well-meaning family and friends. 

In fact, some of those gifts often make the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story look like a good deal. We remember that “it’s the thought that counts,” even if you know deep-down your sister-in-law’s gift of a velour bathrobe was an act of re-gift desperation. We get it. Holiday gifting is often a maze, especially when you’ve reached an age of…ahem…being well-seasoned so to speak. Your loved ones know that you probably already have everything you need, and everything you may want could be so incredibly specific that they could never get it right. After all, your sister-in-law has no desire to track down that custom saddle bag for your bike you’ve been eyeing forever.

So, if you’ve found yourself this post-holiday season bearing the unfortunate burden of awkward gifts, Sons of Arthritis is here to help you turn that frown upside down. Not only do we want to help you offload those duds, we also want to connect you to the biker gifts for yourself that you really want.

Here’s our plan for getting you out from under those fuzzy slippers and into the biker clothes and accessories you deserve:

  • First and foremost, are those gifts returnable? Unless you received a personalized ugly Christmas sweater, a solid return is your best bet. You can recoup the funds and use them for whatever your old-fart-behind desires, if you were lucky enough to get a gift receipt or at least know the location of purchase. If returns are an option, don’t even think of trying to do so on December 26 th. The long lines will raise your blood pressure and bring out that crotchety “old dude” persona that you keep so carefully hidden under that cool biker exterior.
  • If returns are not an option, it’s time to get creative. You could sell the offensive items on Craigslist or Ebay, or even auction them off to the highest bidder at your office. Ideally, a creative sales strategy will turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure, giving you funds for the biker gear you crave.
  • If all else fails, save those duds for next year’s “Dirty Santa,” donate them, or pawn them off as tips to your lawn service, grocery bagger, or crappy intern.
  • Now that you’ve evacuated the Christmas-gifts-of doom, it’s time to treat yourself to the best biker gear around. Sons of Arthritis specializes in clothing and accessories that celebrates those of us who know we will keep riding as long as we can still sit in the seat. Our good-natured lines of clothing and accessories make the perfect gift to give yourself during these holiday hangovers.

If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate position of possessing a selection of gifting disasters, remember that Sons of Arthritis Biker Wear is here so that you can get the gear you really want. Browse our biker site and give yourself the post-holiday treat you deserve

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