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Check Out SOA’s Latest Chapter Shirt! Are You a Likely Candidate for “Piss & Moan?”

Piss & Moan T-Shirt

Sons of Arthritis is proud to announce a new design addition to our collection of good-humored biker t-shirts.

As you know, SOA continues to craft top-quality apparel and gifts that celebrate the unique spirit of “Old Fart” bikers in all walks of life. We are a community united by our love of biking, even if we sometimes require special compartments for our canes and dozen or so prescriptions. We encourage older bikers like us to continue to enjoy their passion, while owning the fact that we just aren’t as young (and in some cases as tactful) as we used to be with pride.

Our “Piss & Moan Chapter” shirts feature our appealing biker-inspired artwork, but gives a new segment of our community the perfect way to share their status as…how shall we say…effective vocal communicators of their dissatisfactions.

How will you know if “Piss & Moan” is right for you? Here are some signs that you may fall into the biker population that needs this shirt:

  • Someone has called you “crotchety” on more than one occasion.
  • Everyone from your neighbor to your grocery store checker knows all about your ailments, aches, pains, and about that time the mail carrier left your package in the rain. 
  • Some would argue that you are, in fact, the inspiration for the term “Man Cold.”
  • Waitresses cringe when you walk in the door, and play paper-rock-scissors to see who will have the misfortune to serve you. 
  • You’ve been known to complain about long waits, sub-par food, “kids these days,” and the fact that your hearing aid battery died again. 
  • In the most literal sense, you’ve had a kidney stone, and if so, you have our sincere sympathies. 

Sons of Arthritis wants you to embrace your inclusion in the Piss & Moan Chapter and declare your status for everyone to see. Or, if you just happen to have a biker in your life who needs a little self-awareness, our unique biker gifts offer the perfect vehicle to get in a little good-natured teasing. 

If you have any questions about or products, or want to learn more, contactSOA today!