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Sons Of Arthritis Ibuprofen

Sons Of Arthritis Ibuprofen

Sons Of Arthritis Ibuprofen Legend. Sons Of Arthritis Ibuprofen Patch

During a recent family BBQ, a grandfather was talking with his 15 year old grandson about retirement. Initially, the grandson wondered why his grandfather, upon leaving his 40 year-long career as an accountant, didn’t seem very happy.

The grandson asked, “Grandpa, you don’t have to go to work anymore, why aren’t you happy? Me? I’d love to be able to retire and just do whatever.” The grandfather countered with a sigh, then said, “You haven’t even worked yet! You don’t even shave yet! Why, when I was your age, I singlehandedly defeated Communism and polio; but Jane Fonda, well… She’s one that got away. Besides, if you don’t work hard, you’ll never be able to afford what I’m about to show you next.”

Part 2: The King Only Has One Seat?

The grandfather led his grandson to the garage. In the corner, under a cloth cover, sat a brand new H-D Road King. The grandson’s mouth dropped to the floor, and he promptly spent the next 5 minutes checking the bike out, from front to back. He did notice the bike only had one seat. “Grandpa, your bike only has one seat. Isn’t grandma going with you on any rides?”

While checking out the bike, the grandson hadn’t realized that his grandfather changed his shirt from the boring striped polo he was wearing into a funny, yet menacing looking biker shirt he had ordered from Sons of Arthritis. It announced his position in life as being an over-the-hill biker who hadn’t lost any of his badassedness. The grandfather rolled the bike out to the center of the driveway, put on his leathers, then his helmet, and started the bike.

Part 3:  A Modern “Emancipation Proclamation”

The custom pipes on it caused a bunch of relatives to run from the yard to the driveway to see what the commotion was about. Now perched atop his steed, the grandfather sat there, gently revving the motor as if he were channeling his own breathing rhythm through the bike. At the front of the crowd was the grandfather’s wife. She stared disapprovingly at her husband for not knowing better than to show off this “unnecessary toy” – as she called it – during a family function. She finally said, “What do you think you’re doing? Put that thing away!”

The grandfather put the bike in gear and announced to his wife and all others present, “Jane Fonda may have gotten away once, but she won’t get away a second time.” With that, the grandfather rode off, his Ibuprofen Chapter patch on the back of his leather vest defiantly telling everyone to ‘Go enjoy some ice cream, and don’t bother waiting up for me!’ His wife gave chase on foot, yelling, “Gerry! GERRY!!! Gerry Atric, you old fart, come back here this instant!”

But Gerry kept riding… He keeps riding for all the Sons of Arthritis. He keeps riding for all of us old farts everywhere.

And that is how the Legend of Gerry Atric began.