The Birth of ‘Skull & Pistons’

Meet Magnus

Magnus was at a crossroads. At 76 years old, he was definitely over-the-hill, and he knew it. Being called an “old fart” by his friends, he mostly took that in stride. But being considered “washed-up” by fellow bikers… That hurt. Maybe not as much as his arthritic hip on a cold winter’s morning, but it hurt.

Yet Magnus persevered and remained loyal to the Ibuprofen Chapter despite his tribulations. Truthfully though, what wasn’t there to love? They were a fantastic group of people to ride and spend time with, and best of all, their universally-respected logo featured a skeleton biker riding partially off-the-seat. That logo was emblazoned on everything imaginable… They even had table coasters! (In fact, Magnus’ wife bought them to use on their new coffee table so the finish wouldn’t be marred by condensation).

Magnus spent a lot of time staring at the logo. He often wondered what the original artist had in mind when designing it. Perhaps the skeleton was jumping over a flaming pit filled with fireproof crocodiles… This always brought a smile to his face. Indeed, that skeleton looked like he was having a helluva good time nonetheless. Magnus realized that life wasn’t bad when spending time with the Ibuprofens, he just felt a change was necessary that would allow him to make his mark on the Chapter, but how?

Magnus Makes His Mark

While enjoying a ride at sunset one cool evening, Magnus took a deep breath of fresh air and exhaled slowly, and that’s when it hit him… Instead of walking away from something he loved, Magnus would create a new logo to complement the original! That night, he began designing something that would make him a legend, or so he hoped.

After many attempts, Magnus sketched what he felt was a masterpiece. He called it ‘Skull & Pistons’. What resulted was a menacingly happy skull (with admirably straight teeth!) wearing a German-style helmet. Below the skull were two pistons crossed over one another. Wings seemed to sprout from the piston tops, and the whole design was bordered in chain that looked strong enough to contain an angry buffalo. Upon sharing his design with his fellow Ibuprofens, it was promptly approved & adopted by the entire Chapter. Magnus had made his mark and was never called “washed-up” again.

‘Skull & Pistons’ Is Now Available Through Sons of Arthritis

Thanks to the fantastic people at Sons of Arthritis, people everywhere can now enjoy ‘Skull & Pistons’. This newest design adds even more variety to their vast inventory of “cool stuff for old farts”. Lots of popular items, such as their logo T-shirts, humorously and proudly tell people that life ain’t over yet!

Skull & Pistons’ is available in 100% cotton for cooler months or Dri-Fit for warmer months, it makes sense to order one of each! Show Magnus some love, visit our site today or call us at (936) 447-9546 to place your order… And remember, spend $75 (USD) or more and receive FREE shipping!