Get Your SOA Warmer Weather Biker Gear and Hit the Road!

Spring has sprung, and these perfect weather weekends beckon us to tune up our bikes and hit the road. With the cold weather on the way out, our arthritic aches and pains ease up and hopefully give us a little more pep in our step…or slow-moving shuffle if we’re being honest. As you prepare for a new season of riding, story sharing, and connecting with your crew, it’s time to outfit yourself with the best biker gear around. At Sons of Arthritis, we celebrate older bikers with our unique brand of humor, and encourage our fellow brethren to own up to and poke fun at the inner “Old Fart” in all of us.

We believe that we have the best biker t-shirts and we’ve crafted club-inspired designs to showcase a new way to identify ourselves within our biker communities.

  • Ibuprofen Chapter Shirts—Maybe you’ve just topped the hill or have completely gone over, but you’re still not throwing in the towel. Sure, your joints are starting to pop at an alarming decibel level, but you’re not going to let it slow you down. You always make sure to pack your trusty pain reliever, because nothing creates buzzkill on a ride like, “Hey, I need to make a pit stop at the Walgreens.”
  • Titanium Chapter Shirts—You’ve got enough metal in that body to light up an airport x-ray machine like a Christmas tree. Your spouse keeps telling you to take care of that replaced knee  but you just remind him or her that you’re half-Terminator now…until you ask for your knee brace and a pain reliever…and maybe even a glass of water to wash it down. You’re nursing some serious hardware and love to tell others just how many screws and plates were needed to fix up that bum joint.
  • Piss & Moan Shirts—You’ve always got something to say, because let’s face it, this growing old gig sucks. Your kids are hassling you about eye glasses and bike safety, your doctor doesn’t get that your new medication is upping your bathroom stops, and those dang kids and their smartphones have turned the highway into a rolling deathtrap. You’re known as the polar opposite of quiet grace, and are famous for airing your ailments in an explicit, wince-inducing fashion.

These are just a few of the chapter shirts we offer, and beyond our shirts, we craft apparel and biker gifts that will bring a laugh for any occasion. Browse our products and get ready to show the open road that, just because you’ve gone a lot greyer, you’re just as bad ass as you’ve always been.