ED –  I received my 2nd or 3rd order from SonsofArthritis today via USPS. I am writing to say “Thank You” to everyone involved with my order! Your attention to detail is impeccable. From the online ordering process, through the timely processing & shipping updates from you, to the arrival at my home…everthing was perfect! The T-Shirts fit perfectly, and of course, your logos are why I bought from you the 1st time! Your brand suits me, my bike, and my riding style to a T. Till next order, I’ll continue to “Ride it, Till I can’t ride no mo”!!!
Happy Customer

Larry – Dear SOA folks,  I am hoping that your customer database reflects a rise in sales to customers in MS, LA, and TX.  If not now I would expect to see an increase in the near future.  I keep my one SOA original design t-shirt cleaned and ready to be worn to every occasion where my biker friends will be.  At a recent family reunion I found it interesting that many of my cousins and uncles came to me later in the day stating that they had noticed my t-shirt and assumed it was a Sons of Anarchy T-shirt (I was a fan but the stories got kind of stupid!), as the day went on each realized it was not a typical TV “fan” shirt but something special and I know next time I wear it to an “event” I will take copies of your website address so I wont keep having to write it on napkins, gift wrap paper, or the back of someone’s hand (yes, a least twice!). I hope both you and the business are going strong and have a great day! 
from one of the “original,” or at least “early” members…

Laurie – I just want to say a huge thank you to Stan! I ordered a t shirt and received the wrong size. Stan replied to my email while he was on vacation in Germany & promised to make it right. He returned from vacation on Friday and Monday when I checked my mail the new shirt was there along with a really cool bumper sticker. Thanks so much! We will definitely be ordering again!

Kevin A week ago I had not even heard of Sons of Arthritis. Then last Thursday morning I was sitting in a boring conference in San Antonio, Tx., playing on FB. I came across SOA and saw the awesome merchandise, especially the T-Shirts. I found the one I liked (Hydrocodone Chapter) and had to have it. I immediately placed an order. I planned on riding with friends the following Saturday and really wished I had seen the site sooner so I would have the shirt for that weekend. On Friday afternoon while heading home to Orange Texas I called my wife. She immediately mentioned that I had gotten a package from some place called Sons of Arthritis. The shirt beat me home! I was excited to get it and even happier when I found out it is a quality made shirt with raised lettering. I immediately wore it (Yeah I know I should have washed it first, but I had to wear it). While wearing it tons of strangers approached me asking where they could get one. I am planning on getting the pocket tee next!

TAMMYjust got my SoA t-shirt for my hubby today,i haven’t opened it, gonna let him do that. I ordered Wednesday night and got it today that was fast thank you so very much, im sure i will be purchasing more items in the future, thank you again!!!!

BikerGEOIt’s hard to find anyone that can match SOA’s customer service. Great product.. quick delivery!

VOLKER – the shop of “sons of arthritis” and his support are great!
responding via email in a few minutes.
I had forgotten something in the order.
no problem. reordered, but with repeated shipping.
no problem again!
double shipping were immediately refunded via PayPal.
that´s customer service!!!

WANDAI have my t-shirt already and I got one for my boyfriend as well. Love it! It takes a little more time for me to get up and moving than it use to. Osteo has gotten to me but it will not stop me from riding!

KRISTINElove this!!!! i have both…..arthritis n hotflashes! good 2 see there our other people out ther tht understands!

METAO – You guys are hilarious, is this a real club?

TAMMYlove this page, telling my friends to check it out!!!!

BRIANIt’s nice to get to Laugh hard from time to time!

TIMjust got my shirt . had people ask where i got it while i was at stop light. they thought it was the coolest thing they had seen.

MICKA new chapter is born! Sons of Arthritis is now in Europe / Germany / South Bavaria!

CARLGot my patch today cheers guys !!! N Ireland chapter opened !! lol

DANIt is nice to see that the SoA has grown into two chapters, IBUPROFEN & HYDROCODONE … however there are many more prospects seeking a chapter. PHENERGRAN – for the Kidney Stone Group, OXYCONTIN – mostly in Tennessee and Kentucky, PREPARATION H – for the Long Distance Riders, BEN-GAY & ICY HOT – of the slow movers and shakers, BABY ASPIRIN for pre heart attack members, NITRO for the post heart attack members, MAALOX for the digestively lacking group, VALIUM – for the sleep deprived, and lest we forget VIAGRA – for the sexually challenged!!


CAROLThis is Fantastic….Thanks Guys!

BUTCHI ordered my 2nd shirt Friday evening and it was delivered this morning. Awesome service. THUMBS UP!

ROBERTI just ordered my shirt and headband on fri, and it was here today, thanks for the great service..I’ll be back for more…thx again….and God Bless…

LYNNEALOL! Fantastic! 🙂

CHELSEAJust got our shirts today! Can’t wait to wear them out. Thank you so much…I’ll keep looking for new gear!

GREGORYJust placed my order for the white S.O.A. IBUPROFEN CHPTR shirt. Will go great with my HYDROCODONE CHPTR shirt.

JDReceived the back patch and rocker today. OUTSTANDING! I’ll be ordering a couple of 3X5 patches, pins, t-shirts, etc. very soon.

JOHNHad to order my Shirt!!! Awesome!


GINALMAO Lovin this name! Too funny, Rock On!!

GUYOrdered my first shirt and was sent the wrong size by mistake. I then e-mailed S.O.A. and they replied within a few minutes and had a correct size shirt on it’s way that evening. I now have it and love it. This is a great group of people to deal with and I will be ordering more things from them. Thanks again S.O.A…..

RICKI live in central Fla. and just love this .Just ordered the shirt going to get the patch set next week think it will be a lot of fun at Biketoberfest at Daytona this yearcant wait to see what people say should be fun……..:{>

DONALDGot my shirt. Love it!

LINDAJust got the shirt I ordered for my old man yesterday. He laughed so hard beer came out of his nose!! Please be expecting more orders from us in the very near future! The quailty of your t-shirts is excellent, and they are longer that regular t-shirts, seemingly the same length as the talls I usually buy for him. I thought this would be a gag gift, but it’s long enough for him to wear! Thank you so much ~ I’m now a huge fan!! =)

ANNE-MARIEWoooo Hoooo!!! SoA shirts arrived yesterday, so I excitedly took my shirt for a ride today. When I stopped to buy some water, I noticed people behind me laughing. I glanced over my shoulder and 8 people behind me all started asking about the SHIRT!!!! They LOVED it! Riding down the road and at red lights, people kept honking and giving me thumbs up. This shirts gets attention!!!! (red print on black is visible even with my long curly hair and goes with my red bike!)

JOHNI wore my new shirt I got this week to a charity run today, with over 350 bikes, plus passengers…I got stopped 3 times before I got registered for the ride and then minimum of 20 more times asking where I got the shirt. I gave out your website, I am sure you don’t mind, if you get a large amount of sales from Ohio, just send me the commission check!! 🙂 Great product idea!! can’t wait to purchase the head wrap and colors for a vest for the fall rides!! Thank you again!!!

HARVEYGot my new shirt got it in the mail today thanks LOVE IT!!

JODYgot my shirt.. wearing my colors. hoorah

TIMI got my shirt last week….Love it..and thank you.

JEFFS.O.A. !!!! Just got the shirt that I ordered for my wife and she LOVES it !!!

DEBBIE– “Love our shirts and they arrived quickly!”

VALARIE – “You guys are swesome!”

MIKE – Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say THANK YOU for the quick service on the order I placed a few days ago, and the quality tee shirt too! I’ll be placing another order with you soon.
Thank you again, and best regards

ROBERT – I got my T-shirt last night ..Looks better than I thought it would. I’ve bought stuff on line before and was disappointed.But NOT THIS TIME.! Shipping was fast too ..I will order again. Thank you very much .Bob in N.C
P.S I will post a picture on FB

RANDALL– I have to be the luckiest man in the world.. Got a hat, t shirt and hoodie for Christmas. Will be sporting them out ASAP… Love it! Great products and service.

Jerry Wore my long sleeve “Ibuprofen Chapter” shirt to the Chicago motorcycle show today. Received a lot of laughs from people including members of a world-wide 1% club. They thought the shirt was too funny. Sorry, I wasn’t about to ask them to pose for a pic with me. You’ll have to settle for they give it their seal of approval.

PeggyMy husband and I just received our package. One hoodie for me and one long sleeve shirt for him. We love them! Not only were they shipped extremely fast, the quality is excellent. Thanks a million! ~peace

 DavidI’m so satisfied with my SOA merchandise that I just ordered the coffee mug and a short sleeved T-shirt. The quality of their goods is exceptional!

Dave –  It’s rare to find whimsey and quality together these days, but you folks have mastered both!

RichardYou guys are great . Ordered my shirt on Sunday and it was in my mailbox Wednesday …Thank you!!! I will look great while I’m riding my bone crusher….

ScottOrdered my shirt thursday night and it showed up today (saturday) That was fast !! and it looks great!! THANKS

RichardHey just wanted to say thanks. I ordered a shirt yesterday online while I was stuck at a conference. I came back to town today and it had already been delivered! I appreciate the prompt service and I love the shirt!

JerryMine came today too. Righteous shirt!

ValarieI love it! Where is the Xanax Chapter?

KarenFinally! a ladies T-shirt that fits “real women”! oh Yay…I ordered a big one cos I like my t’s loose…the sleeves are the right length, the neck sits comfortably and it’s the right length…I’m very pleased…and delivery took 10 days to Canada! Now…how about some ladies tanks in larger sizes for summer??

RobertYou guy’s ROCK

BillMine showed up Saturday n the Mail. Love it!!

Randygot mine today, LOVE IT……….

AllenGot mine today. This shirt is AWSOME!

MichaelGood quality. Well worth the money

ChristineGot mine … and I’ll be wearing it while I’m riding my OWN hog. I ain’t fender fluff. Just sayin’.

ReneeI definitely am getting one of these!! I already own the pink one…but honestly…the red fits the tempreture of the hot flashes more accurately….hahahahaha ugh! Hey Now!

ED – thank you i got my shirts today i will have a lot of fun with them

David – I love everything I’ve purchased from you so far and constantly get positive feedback wherever I go. I was eating lunch in a hospital cafeteria in Tulsa a couple of weeks ago and a table full of Doctors was eating next to me and they just about cracked up when they noticed my long-sleeved Ibuprofin T-shirt. I had to laugh!

Robert – I Got my shirt and the one for my wife, She loved it ..thanks you guys rock lol

TeresaGot my new t love the 13 didn’t see it till I got the Tee home… Wore it yesterday…. Got lotsa looks…

BrendaGot mine today, love it. I sent you a pic

ChrisLoving my new back patch and rocker! I know who I am!!!

KarlI ordered a t-shirt on Thursday, Feb 27th. It was delivered on Sat, March 2. Talk about fast. Thanks everone……I haven’t worn yet, but I love it all the same!!!!

LisaI received my Sons of Arthritis hoodie and long sleeve Tshirt today and I love them. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and I thought wearing your clothing line would help make light of such a painful disease. Thank you for coming up with such a fun idea. I can’t wait to wear them and watch the reactions of everyone that notices. Thanks again!!

JeanThis is just absolutely perfect!!!!

PeteI Love your shirts, patches, ect. Very Good Humor. Put’n smiles on alot of faces ♥