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Hog Rag Standard Size 13.5" X 15.5"


Our HOG RAG “Standard Size” brings out the shine time after time after time! This exclusive patented Mirafiber technology cleans with water only! It’s more effective than harsh cleaning chemicals and soaps. It’s tough for the BIG jobs and tender for the delicate painted surfaces. It cleans streak-free, spot-free, and lint & dust-free guaranteed! It’s SIMPLE: Wet it, wring it out, Wipe your surface, and walk away! It’s SMART: No more expensive cleaners or polish and no more paper towels! The revolutionary construction of the cloth cuts cleaning time in half. The cloth construction creates millions of tiny scoops which removes Oil, Grease, Dirt, Finger Prints, Brake Dust, Tar, Bugs & much more! The HOG RAG is washable, bleachable, good for 100’s uses, and guaranteed for 5 years with general use.


Perfect for Windshields, Lexan, Leather, Chrome, Paint, Vinyl, Fiberglass, iPads, Cell Phones, Camera Lens & Optics, Boats, RV’s & much, much more!

We challenge you to see for yourself how the HOG RAG cleans all surfaces of your Motorcycle, Auto, Home, and all of your cleaning needs! Don’t stop with your glass mirrors and windows!  Be sure to clean your countertops, appliances & bathrooms!  The HOG RAG even cleans Stainless Steel, Black and Ceramic or Glass topped appliances, Corian, Marble, Granite, Chrome and so much more with only water!  Above all, enjoy the time, money, and frustration the HOG RAG will save you!


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