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How CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil May Help Motorcycle-related Injuries

February 13, 2019

To North Americans, it’s been one of nature’s best kept “secrets,” but word about the healing properties of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is starting to spread. For me, the road to CBD started after a serious motorcycle accident that left me unable to ride again. When you endure the pain I have suffered through, you search for everything possible to help alleviate the pain. And CBD has made a very positive change in my physical world.


My Accident


Here’s the story behind the accident - and the reason I am now known as the “Orthopaedic Mecca.” On May 3, 2015, I was riding with the Woodlands H.O.G. group on a ride to a benefit at Lake Trinity, TX. We were riding at about 70 mph when a truck in the oncoming lane ahead of us was trying to turn left.


Unfortunately, the Honda Goldwing behind the truck didn’t notice the truck slowing down to prepare for the turn until it was too late: The Goldwing’s brakes locked up, it and its rider took a spill, and the bike slid aggressively sideways along the pavement and then into my left leg. I landed on the grassy strip near the side of the road and immediately found I couldn’t move or sit upright. I was in a state of shock, yet still aware of my buddies asking me to repeat my name to assess my condition.

I was very fortunate that day. The accident happened in front of a volunteer fire station, and volunteers were at the station that day. They had me airlifted out to Herman Memorial in Houston, TX, where doctors repaired my double compound fracture and shattered pelvic area. After that, I needed what’s called a “Free Flap” procedure, where parts of my lat muscles and skin of my thighs were transplanted to fill in the voids of my shattered shin.


I spent several months recovering with the help of three doctors. When I left the hospital, I had acquired several new additions: a nerve stimulator (about the size of a dollar bill and half an inch thick), 25 screws, 5 plates in my midsection, and a rod going down my lower leg.


What I Noticed After Taking CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil


CBD helps to lower my nerve pain (which I also take medication for) and the general physical pain that accompanies the amount of metaI I have in my leg. CBD goes beyond easing my pain.

I also feel a sense of calm and no longer have to worry about my blood pressure. After starting on CBD, my blood pressure dropped dramatically and is now at a safe level.


What Is CBD?


CBD is a non-intoxicating substance extracted from the buds and flowers of marijuana or hemp plants (not to be confused with THC, the intoxicating extract obtained from the marijuana plant). You can ingest CBD oil by mouth with a dropper, or you can add it to smoothies, coffee or foods. Alternatively, you can also purchase products containing CBD oil, such as pills, chewable gels, tinctures (administered by dropping them under your tongue), skin creams, and foods like chocolate bars. Others prefer to use a vaporizer.


Image Credit: CW Hemp


CBD’s benefits have been anecdotally reported to provide a release from anxiety and depression, relieve arthritic pain, and may even help insomnia sufferers get a better night’s rest. Some use CBD oil to combat everyday stresses, help with workout recovery, or for healthier looking skin. Still others find it acts as a neuroprotectant. Dog owners have also boasted of how CBD oil helps to ease their pup’s separation anxiety (along with providing support for their hips and joints).

While the oil is not yet FDA-approved, the body of evidence supporting CBD oil’s health-boosting properties is growing. A significant body of scientific research supports the use of CBD oil for epilepsy. Other scientific studies on the benefits CBD oil exist, but have insignificant findings or are animal-based studies.


Easier Access to Hemp Products Like CBD: The 2018 Farm Bill


Like marijuana, hemp is harvested from a cannabis plant. However, hemp is made from a cannabis plant cultivated to produce a minimal amount of THC and high amounts of CBD. Although you can’t get a “high” from using hemp, from 1938 to 2018, growing hemp was illegal here in the States.

Many credit a young girl named Charlotte for mobilizing the movement towards the legalization of hemp farming.

Charlotte started having epileptic seizures at 3 months. Eventually, she was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome. Her prognosis was bleak: Doctors said her epileptic episodes would only increase in quantity and severity. And, at age 6, Charlotte experienced over 300 epileptic seizures a week. Desperate, her family turned to CBD. Charlotte’s mother purchased a low-THC, high-CBD strain from a dispensary and turned it into an oil for Charlotte.

 Image Credit:


Charlotte’s condition improved dramatically (she eventually only experienced seizures once a week or month). Since it was difficult for Charlotte’s parents to find enough of the strain at the beginning, they connected with the Stanley brothers. The brothers grew the strain for research purposes, but supplied some to Charlotte. They’ve now given that strain her namesake: Charlotte’s Web.

Due to Charlotte’s experience with CBD, along with other activists championing for the cause, the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp farming at the federal level, was introduced in December 2018. The Bill also included benefits for farmers, like authorizing crop insurance for hemp, allowing and encouraging hemp researchers to access federal research funding, and allowing farmers access to banking and water rights.




I applaud this news: for both myself and countless others who have found CBD oil to be the best - or only cure - for their ailments! If you’re curious about using CBD oil yourself, you could start by heading to the CWHemp site, or by consulting with your doctor.

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